Welcome to my website! My name is Sharon. I live in Groningen with my boyfriend and our Frenchie Frenkie. Organizing work- and living spaces is my favorite thing to do and that is why I started THE ORGANIZER. Are you curious to find out if I could help you achieve the result you want? Please contact me, using the contact details below.


If you’re interested in working with THE ORGANIZER., we’ll make an appointment to talk about your organizing wishes. We’ll look at the things that really matter to you and how we can incorporate this in the space/room you want to organize. We can work on the project together, in which case you’ll learn how to organize yourself, but you can also choose to let me organize the space or project for you. This all depends on your wishes and preferences. We’ll discuss which rooms/projects you want to organize and at the end of the meeting, I’ll give you an estimation of the amount of time it will cost. We will also discuss the price of the project.

If we're going to work on timemanagment, we'll discuss the difficulties you're facing and what you would like to change. We'll set a goal for the process and work towards your goal.

Inviting a professional organizer into your house to (help you) sort out your belongings can feel a bit scary or overwhelming. That’s why I find it very important that we feel comfortable with the collaboration. This is another aspect we’ll discuss during the intake.


Each project is unique, which means the price also varies. Please contact me to get an estimated price for any project.

The costs for hiring THE ORGANIZER. might be reimbursed by your employer. Ask your employer about the terms and conditions.

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