Does having a neat and clear closet sound good to you? How about having an organized office where everything has it’s place and you don’t need to search for the things you need? Are you moving soon and do you want to declutter before your moving day? Do you live in a small house, apartment or studio and feel like you have too little storage space? I would love to help you out!

As a professional organizer, I help people organize their living- and working environment. I help people organize their agenda’s and online workspace by using timemanagement. Creating an overview in your time and (busy) schedule can help reduce stress and ensure an effective use of time. By doing this, you will have more spare time to relax and enjoy the things you want to do.

Aside from timemanagement, I can (help you) organize big projects, such as an upcoming move of organizing and decluttering your entire house, but also small projects like a specific cabinet or your bathroom. What I find most important, is that you can enjoy the things you own, instead of having them stand in your way and annoy you.

I am a member of the NBPO (Dutch Professional Association of Professional Organizers).


Posted on April 5, 2021
When you ask a kid what it wants to be when it grows up, it often answers based on what it likes to do or what seems cool to them. Now should you ask someone in their twenties what they want to do, the answer is often based on more practical aspects, such as how much money can be made in this job and how good it looks on your resume. Lees verder
‘Ever since I decluttered my house, it feels so much calmer’. Do you recognize this? What is it about decluttering stuff, that no longer serves an emotional of practical purpose in our lives, that increases peace of mind? I think this feeling of calmness can be [...] Lees verder

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